River Song's gunsEdit

Sonic Blaster

Sonic blaaster wiki

sonic blaster

The sonic blaster is a gun that can cut through walls floors and ceilings. It was used by River Song and Captain Jack. It has changed a lot over the years, but is never seen to be used as a weapon. It uses batteries and can easily run out.

Blowtorch gun

rivers blow gun

Blow Gun

The blow gun is used to send a message to the Doctor on a home box on the Byzantium space ship. It can get ever so hot, and can even melt a human being.

Alpha blaster

alpha meson blaster

Alpha Meson Blaster

This gun has a stun barrel, energy bolt firer and an alpha meson shooter.

it is used in Gridlock, The Big Bang and Day of the Moon.

River Song usually has it in most of her appearances.

She kills the Stone Dalek and most of the Silence with this gun.

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rivers cowboy gun

Cowboy Gun

This gun is used by River in The Impossible Astronaut.

She shoots - with seemingly no effect - The Impossible Astronaut, who turns out to in fact be her past self, and the Doctor's Stetson with this gun.